Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? As with any home upgrades, the kitchen renovation, whether big or small, can really start to add up when it comes to choosing the cabinets, counterparts, flooring, lighting… and the list goes on and on. But whatever style you’re going for, you probably don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on anything unnecessary.

So, to get the idea of what’s worth including in your kitchen renovation, and what’s better to skip, for now, we made a list of 5 useful tips to help you give your kitchen a new vibe but still stay on budget.

1. Keep the Walls and Footprint the Same 

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t mean demolishing and removing all the parts. An intervention on the walls and floor footprint can be quite a difficult, messy, and time and money-consuming process. 

If your current walls and floor footprint are in pretty good condition, you can leave them the same, while investing in some other critical areas of the kitchen.

2. The Same Goes for Plumbing and Gas Supply

The situation is the same when it comes to plumbing and gas supply lines. Moving, relocating, and rearranging them is a costly job. So, try to avoid their reconfiguration if they’re good as they are. 

Also, leaving the sinks, dishwashers, stoves, or ovens at the same place in your new kitchen renovation project, will save you time and money. 

3. Follow the Trends, but Not at Any Cost

New trends are arriving basically overnight. Specific styles, colors, designs, materials, tech solutions, etc. are becoming essential in our life. And, everyone wants to always be trendy, but following the latest fashion usually means higher prices. 

And as we already know, every fashion has a limited life span of 5-10 years, so you could easily regret spending so much money on something that is not long-lasting.

Kitchens are designed and made to last for a much longer period of time. Choosing quality and timeless beauty instead of following trends is much wiser and cost-effective.

A perfect example would be the bold-colored countertops.

Regardless of the material, all the dark or strong color countertops solutions can be trendy only for a limited time period. So choosing a natural tone countertop instead of a bold-colored one will be a long-lasting solution.

4. Give Your Cabinets a Fresh Vibe

Avoiding to trash your old cabinets is another place where you can achieve significant money savings. Especially if you already have wooden cabinets that are in good condition. 

They’re very suitable for reparation so you can easily re-design them to your liking. Cabinet frames are among the most expensive components in the kitchen renovation project, so redesigning your existing ones will be a pretty smart decision. 

This doesn’t mean you must use them in the same place as they were. You can rearrange them everywhere you like by only changing their dimensions to fit into the new kitchen renovation project. 

You have so many choices when it comes to redesigning the kitchen cabinets. You can put new doors, drawers, change colors… the list goes on. This gives you almost endless style and design opportunities. 

5. It’s OK to Spend on Kitchen Hardware

Nothing can change the looks of our kitchen as a new and high-quality kitchen hardware.

Maybe knobs and hinges look simple, but they have the power to visually connect things around the whole kitchen, giving a lovely final touch to your new room. 

You can also use similar kitchen hardware made in the same style and of the same materials, like S hooks for hanging pots.

Changing the kitchen hardware may take you some time, and may cost more than the other parts, but it will make a huge difference in the end.

These 5 tips are just some of the many options to cut costs on some unnecessary interventions while renovating your kitchen. And since we usually always spend more than we planned on things that are essential for the renovation, knowing where you can save some money allows you to set your priorities right.

If you’re interested in kitchen renovation, but need some ideas and professional advice, please contact us, we’ll be more than happy to help you. 

So far, we have made hundreds of successful kitchen renovations, and we know how to give real value to your budget and turn your wishes and desires into a reality, without cutting any corners.

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